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At Action Pest Control, we understand the importance of having access to valuable resources about pest identification, control, and prevention. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you will find valuable articles and other informational resources that can address your questions about pest control, insect infestations, and our services below.

General Pest Control, Proofing, and Prevention

Explore a wide range of topics about effective pest prevention strategies, methods for pest-proofing your property, and general pest control tips.

Termite Inspection, Infestations, and Treatment

Learn about termites and understand their behavior, signs of infestations, and the different options for treating your building and lawn and preventing them from infesting your property.


Bed Bug Removal and Extermination

Learn about bed bugs, signs of their infestation, some tips to prevent them from coming into your property, and explore effective bed bug removal methods and extermination techniques in your residence or commercial space.

Learn About Mosquito Control

Learn about mosquitoes and the risks they pose to people’s and animals’ health. Start taking proactive steps toward combating them through the different prevention strategies and treatment options you can implement.

Learn About Flea and Tick Treatments and Prevention

Make your home safer for humans and pets by learning about fleas and ticks and the different ways to keep them at bay. Understand flea and tick treatments to keep your property free from these pests.

Action Pest Control’s Services

General Household Pest Control

We provide comprehensive pest control and prevention solutions for homes and commercial properties. We tailor each treatment according to the specific needs of each property, ensuring effective and long-lasting results. Whether it’s a one-time service or a recurring treatment, Action Pest Control has got you covered.

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Termites can cause extensive damage to your property that can be quite expensive to repair. Our thorough and non-invasive termite inspections can determine if there’s an infestation and pinpoint their exact locations in your property. And, with our targeted treatment options, you can rest assured that any termites on your property are eliminated without harming anyone’s health.

Rodent Management

Prevent the health risks and property damage that rodents pose with Action Pest Control. We implement the safe removal of rodents from your premises and provide comprehensive exclusion methods and sanitation recommendations to prevent future infestations.

Bed Bug Extermination

Do not let bed bugs disrupt your sleep. We provide thorough inspections and effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs in your home.

Mosquito Control

Keep mosquitoes at bay year-round, and enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your yard without them being an annoyance. Action Pest Control provides mosquito control services that eliminate their breeding sites and create a protective barrier around your property.

Flea and Tick Treatments

Protect your family and pets with our pet-friendly treatments that safely target fleas and ticks, and yard treatments that reduce outdoor infestations on your property.

Ant Control Services

We provide species-specific solutions that allow for interior and exterior treatments and preventive measures that are safe for everyone in your home or business.

Pest Proofing and Prevention

We provide pest proofing and prevention services that enable you to be proactive in managing pests on your property. We seal entry points to prevent pests from getting indoors and share preventive measures with homeowners and businesses for long-term pest prevention.

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Action Pest Control has been serving the Mid-South region with pest control and termite management services since 1982. Throughout these years, our solutions prioritized the well-being of humans and pets, ensuring everyone’s health and safety while addressing our clients’ pest control needs.

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