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Are you tired of ant infestations that keep returning even after using pesticides or hiring a pest exterminator in Memphis, TN? This does not have to be the case anymore with Action Pest Control’s integrated pest management services. Our revolutionary solution to your ant problems is effective long-term and will not harm the garden or anyone on your property.

With our approach to ant extermination, you can rest assured your property will be ant-free without causing harm to the delicate ecosystem of your garden.

  • Sustainable pest management
    Sustainable pest management
  • Reduced risk of air and groundwater contamination
    Reduced risk of air and groundwater contamination
  • Protects other non-target species from pest control activities
    Protects other non-target species from pest control activities
  • Reduced need for pesticides
    Reduced need for pesticides
  • Little to no pesticide residue
    Little to no pesticide residue
  • Reduced pesticide exposure
    Reduced pesticide exposure
  • Cost-effective pest management
    Cost-effective pest management
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What Makes Ants So Difficult to Exterminate

Ants Leave Trails for Other Ants to Follow

Sweeping away or vacuuming ants from where they congregate won’t get rid of them. Their pheromone trails allow them to find their way back and continue being a nuisance.

Ants are Resilient

A common DIY approach is to exterminate a nest with ant spray, a mixture of vinegar and water, or boiling water. However, these are temporary measures since ants are resilient and have survival instincts. With how fast they multiply, it only takes a few days for the infestation to recover.

Ants Multiply into Different Nests

Some ant species form colonies of interconnected nests that expand over large areas. Exterminating one nest rarely gets rid of your ant problem. Other nests will revive the exterminated nest before spreading further on your property.

Larger Infestations Need a Different Approach

A singular approach to ant extermination is not enough for larger infestations. It will exterminate the ants in the targeted area. It only takes a few weeks for the ants to return.

Integrated Pest Management

Action Pest Control’s Proven Approach to Ant Control

Action Pest Control uses integrated pest management (IPM) for ant control and extermination. This solves conventional pest extermination issues and provides a long-term solution to ant infestations. With our method not causing any harm, you can rest assured of the safety of people, plants, and pets.

Long-Term Solution to Ant Infestations

Integrated pest management addresses the root causes of an ant infestation. This leads to eliminating the current infestation and prevents future ones from occurring.

Safe for the Environment

Our approach does not rely on pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. We use a variety of methods that do not or, at least, reduce harm to any beneficial organisms in the ecosystem. As a result, you never have to worry about keeping your plants and soil healthy and thriving.

Cost Effective

You will not need repeated pest extermination treatments with IPM. Since it does not harm the environment, you will spend less time and money in reviving and maintaining the health of your garden.

Safe for Human and Animal Health

We determine the best combination of techniques to combat your particular ant infestation. As a result, we can take a targeted approach to pest control that does not harm human and animal health.

Prevents Pesticide Resistance

Frequent use of pesticides leads to chemical resistance buildup among ants. As a result, future and extreme cases of pest infestation are more difficult to manage. IPM prevents this by using pesticides sparingly and only when necessary.

How Integrated Pest Management is Done

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a long-term approach to pest extermination. It utilizes a combination of methods that are most effective for an infestation. This allows for pest prevention and exclusion in urban, agricultural, and wildland settings to be safe and effective.

The different pest management methods used in integrated pest management are the following:

Biological Control
Involves the use of the ant species’ natural enemies and competitors (such as parasites, predators, and plants) to control their spread and damage. Biological measures are selected to ensure the ecosystem is unharmed.
Implement practices to manage the existing ant infestation and prevent the ones in the future. Aside from eliminating the infestation, it reduces your dependence on repeated use of pesticides.
Using various mechanical and physical means to block or exterminate pests, or make the environment unsuitable for them. These include installing traps, sealing cracks and crevices, and removing nesting areas.
Involves the use of pesticides when necessary and only in combination with other ant control methods. Pesticides used in IPM are selective to ensure the safety of other organisms and the quality of air, soil, and water.

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