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Silverfish are more than the elusive

wriggling insects that make a nuisance on your property.

They silently wreak havoc by destroying anything that has paper or natural fabric. With their resilient nature, they can be difficult to control and prevent in the future with only chemical pest control.
With our integrated pest management, a holistic approach to silverfish control is taken, addressing the infestation and preventing it from recurring. You can also rest assured there’s reduced environmental impact and health risks with our targeted use of chemical pesticides.
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What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects with elongated, flattened bodies with a silvery-gray color. They have a length of 0.5 to 1 inch. The scales covering their bodies give them a fish-like appearance.
Silverfish prefer basements, attics, bathrooms, and other dark, damp environments with a moderate temperature. They feed on paper, cardboard, glue, and textiles, making them particularly destructive to books, wallpapers, and clothing.
These insects are nocturnal and can move quickly. They have a distinctive fish-like wriggling motion. Silverfish have a lifespan of 2 to 8 years and can survive for up to a year without food, making them difficult to exterminate.

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

Regular Sightings in Your Home or Office

Silverfish are solitary and nocturnal. Spotting one in your home or office is not a cause for worry. You might already have a silverfish infestation if you see many.

Small, Round, and Black Droppings

Silverfish dropping looks like tiny black pepper pellets. You can find them on surfaces where they usually hide – in cracks, crevices, and behind baseboards.

Yellow Stains

When they molt, silverfish leave behind a yellow, dust-like substance. These eventually become yellow stains on the surface of the areas where they feed and inhabit.

Metallic, Opaque Scales

Silverfish shed their skin even during adulthood. These look like metallic, opaque scales. Seeing these sheddings is a clear sign of an infestation.

Holes in Papers and Fabrics

Starches in paper and fabrics are the choice of food for silverfish. If there are small holes or weird tears on the wallpaper, books, paper, magazines, and natural fabric, you might have a silverfish infestation.

Why Use Integrated

Pest Management Against Silverfish Infestations

Holistic Approach

IPM, or integrated pest management, takes a comprehensive approach to pest control, considering the entire ecosystem, health hazards involved, and long-term results. Using it to deal with silverfish addresses the current infestation and the conditions that led to it, preventing a future infestation from occurring.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Integrated pest management does not rely solely on pesticides and chemicals to control, exterminate, and prevent silverfish infestations. It combines biological, physical, and practical measures.

Health and Safety

Traditional pest control methods often involve strong chemicals that pose health risks to humans and pets. These chemicals can harm the environment by killing beneficial organisms in the soil and poisoning groundwater.

Long Term Results

Rather than only providing temporary relief from silverfish eating paper and fabrics on your property, integrated pest management goes beyond preventing future infestations by addressing the cause of the infestation and targeting silverfish at all stages of their life cycle.

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If you’re looking for a service provider of pest extermination in Memphis, TN, look no further than Action Pest Control. With our expertise and customized solutions, you will get a pest control solution that is safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and affordable.


We have more than three decades of experience in providing pest control solutions to residences, commercial spaces, and institutions in the Greater Memphis and Northern Mississippi areas.

Tailored solutions

Each pest infestation requires a unique approach or else it is more likely to reoccur in the future. We inspect every property and consult our clients before creating a plan to ensure we provide a solution that is long-term and aligned with their needs and budget.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

We prioritize the use of non-chemical methods to ensure everyone’s safety and reduce the existing risks of pesticide use. Whenever we use toxic substances, we take measures to reduce, if not eliminate, the impact on non-target organisms.

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