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What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a comprehensive approach to pest control aimed at a targeted animal or insect to control its population in the long term with minimal chemical pesticide use to reduce its environmental impact. It achieves this with a combination of strategies for pest prevention, monitoring, and control.

Why IPM is

Ideal for Wasp Control

Targeted Pest Control

Integrated pest management only targets the problematic species in a specified area. This maximizes the effect of the pest control measures implemented while ensuring there is minimal impact on the non-targeted species and the environment.

Comprehensive Approach

Integrated pest management utilizes a combination of pest control methods. These include the following:
  • Biological control: The use of the targeted pest’s natural predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors.
  • Cultural control: Implementation of practices that reduce the establishment, reproduction, dispersal, and survival of the targeted pests.
  • Mechanical and physical control: Measures that kill the pest directly, block their entry, or make an environment unsuitable for them.
  • Chemical control: Use of pesticides that only work for the target species.

Safety First

IPM has minimal risks to human and animal health and the environment. This is due to the approach only using chemical pesticides sparingly and in a targeted manner.

Makes Economic Sense

Integrated pest management delivers long-term results in terms of pest control and prevention. You will save on bringing back the health of your yard and plants since there are no unnecessary chemical treatments. With the prevention measures in place, you are less likely to require frequent treatments on your property.

The Negative Impacts of

an Out-of-Control Wasp Population


Allergic Reactions

Wasp stings cause intense, sharp pain, and for some can even cause an allergic reaction. They can experience breathing difficulties, swelling, hives, and even loss of consciousness.

Territorial Aggression

Wasps are fiercely territorial. They will defend their nests against those they see as a threat. When they feel threatened, they release pheromones to call other wasps for backup, causing you or your pet to get stung numerous times.

Property Damage

Some wasp species build their nests in gaps in a structure, such as wall cavities, under eaves, and attics. As they grow in number and expand their nest, wasps will chew through the wood and weaken the structural integrity of your building.

Some are Invasive Species

Some wasps in the United States came from foreign ecosystems. Their presence can impact the local ecosystem by outcompeting native insects for food and nesting sites, which disrupts the natural stability and biodiversity of the ecosystem. With wasps being aggressive predators and scavengers, native insects may have limited food and struggle to sustain their population.

Agricultural and Horticultural Damage

Certain species of wasps pose a threat to crops by consuming their fruit and sometimes burrowing into plants to hunt for pests, harming the crops. This is concerning because bees can also fall prey to wasps, disrupting the pollination process for flowering plants.

Competes with Bees for Resources

Bees and wasps seek out floral nectar and water sources and nest in similar areas. Since wasps are more aggressive, bees are more likely to be confined to a smaller area or driven out, limiting their access to vital resources and nesting areas.

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Pest Control for Wasp Control in Memphis

At Action Pest Control, we don’t take a blanket approach to controlling pests for our clients. We implement measures that prioritize your safety, property, and the environment.

Local Expertise

We have more than 30 years of local experience in serving local clients in the Greater Memphis and North Mississippi areas. Our team understands local pest behavior, seasonal patterns, and unique challenges property owners face.

Safety First Approach

Our EPA-approved methods ensure humans and animals are safe and do not contaminate the soil and groundwater in the area.

Customer-Centric Approach

We provide a personalized approach to our customers. And, with over 200 years of combined experience in our team, you can expect a result that satisfies your expectations.

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