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Flies serve as

airborne couriers of germs and filth

They get these when they land on rotting garbage, animal droppings, and dirty surfaces. When they hop onto your food, dinnerware, or skin, the flies contaminate these items, ready to invade your digestive system and make you ill.
Action Pest Control’s integrated pest management system aims to exterminate the existing infestation and prevent future ones from reoccurring in your area. We achieve this by using a combination of control methods to address all stages of the fly’s life cycle and pest infestation. We do it without solely relying on pesticides and repellents, ensuring a safe environment for everyone and reducing its impact on the environment.
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The Problem with

Depending on Repellents and Pesticides for Fly Control

Chemical pesticides and insect repellents only offer quick relief against flies. With the possibility of flies developing resistance to these substances, their use can become ineffective over time. These chemicals cause health problems for humans and pets and contribute to environmental degradation and disruption of ecosystems.

Only a Temporary Solution

It’s undeniable that repellents and pesticides can immediately exterminate flies. Depending on chemicals is only a band-aid solution to a bigger problem. It ignores the underlying conditions that attract flies in the first place, leaving you vulnerable to recurring infestations.

Can Cause Pesticide Resistance

Flies can develop resistance to insecticides and repellents. This can make your pest extermination efforts less effective over time. If you start using stronger pesticides, you are more likely to harm non-target organisms and disturb the delicate balance of the ecosystem crucial for plants and animals to thrive.

Poses Risks to Human and Animal Health

Breathing in the residue of pesticides and repellents can be harmful to the health of humans and pets. With excessive and long-term use of these chemicals, you are increasing the chances of inflicting health risks to anyone in the vicinity.

Environmental Impact

Pesticides will not only harm the flies on your property. These will also wreak havoc on beneficial insects, soil health, and the water quality of your property. The environmental degradation it brings is long-term while its pest control effects are only for the short term.

The Solution:

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a pest control strategy that utilizes a combination of fly control methods. These include habitat modification, biological control, physical and mechanical measures, cleaning and maintenance practices, and minimal pesticide use.
The combination of these methods allows for a holistic approach against the causes of the infestations while exterminating the problematic pests. As a result, pest infestations are solved for the long-term, and new infestations are less likely to occur.

Benefits of

Integrated Pest Management


Holistic Approach Against Flies

IPM tackles fly infestations from all angles. It addresses the underlying causes that allowed the infestation to start and flourish, and controls and exterminates flies on all stages of their life cycle.

Reduced Pesticide Use

Unlike conventional methods of pest control, integrated pest management does not rely on pesticides and other harmful chemicals. This allows for reduced use of pesticides, which also reduces its environmental impact and decreases the risk of pesticide resistance among fly populations.

A Long Term Solution

Integrated pest management provides lasting results in pest control, extermination, and prevention. This is thanks to its approach to addressing the root causes of the infestation and implementing measures to prevent future outbreaks.

Safe for Humans, Animals, and Beneficial Organisms

IPM prioritizes the safety of humans, pets, and beneficial organisms. Pesticides are used sparingly, as necessary, and only on the targeted pest species. This results in a healthier environment for everyone without compromising its effectiveness.

Cost-Effective Approach

Integrated pest management requires a more expensive initial investment than a simple pest extermination. Its long-term results prove more cost-effective since you will not need as many pesticide applications in the long term.

Enhance Local Biodiversity

Integrated pest management promotes biodiversity in the local ecosystem. The natural predators of flies are preserved and natural habits are created for beneficial organisms. This not only controls fly populations but also enhances the health of the local ecosystem.

Sustainable Pest Management

IPM is a sustainable approach to pest management. It aligns with environmental conservation principles and minimizes the negative impacts of chemical pest control on the environment.

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